Google+ Teachnology: How-to-guide: Upload documents to Google drive

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How-to-guide: Upload documents to Google drive

When you start using drive more frequently you will get used to the functionality of the tools with regards to collaboration and sharing.  It will be likely that you will need to start uploading more of your documents to the drive so they are available to you from any device and any location.  As a department we used to use our staff drive based at school to host all of our curriculum documents, but it was difficult to access when not in school, and there were multiple copies of several documents due to older versions and different people editing them.  We now use Google drive to store our curriculum documents and it allows everyone to access them from anywhere as well as collaborate on plans and resources.  This video will guide you through the processes to move your documents to the cloud!  One thing I didn't mention in the video is the fact that some formatting is occasionally lost when converting a word document to Google drive - In my experience tables can look a bit odd, but it's not too hard to clean them up once in the drive.