Google+ Teachnology: NCEA with Google Sites-Free Template

Thursday, November 28, 2013

NCEA with Google Sites-Free Template

This year I used Google sites to enhance the learning opportunities for my senior students.  This was particularly useful at the start of the year as we had minimal devices available for the students to use, and I encouraged the boys to get in the habit of completing the work at home and discussing it in class - much like the flipped learning method.  I found this enabled the students to develop good work habits with regards to working from home.  As the year developed and we had access to chrome books and I set up my own pirate wifi network I used the site to enable students to catch up on work missed through extra-curricular commitments and teenage organisation habits!  

The architecture behind the sites involves a ‘PE Department Landing Page’ which provides a link to all the different courses we run - ‘Level 1 PE’, ‘Level 2 PE’, ‘Junior Health’ and so on.  The landing page also has slideshows and a calendar to communicate with parents.  Have a look at the video to see how it ended up working,  I have also created a Google template that is similar to my NCEA site, this is free to use and the link is here.

I have also started to create an online resource for PE teachers in NZ that will allow us to collaborate and share resources - if you are keen to have a look at the resources and perhaps use some of them in your teaching fill in this form.